Between the Self and the Digital Self-image

George Themistokleous

Artist Statement

In our hyper-connected age and the digital exteriorization of memory through computational extensions what happens to our physical bodies? As the physiology of the body is undergoes a digital transformation via 3d scanning, what does this mean for one’s perception of their own body?
I attempt to explore these questions through a custom-made interactive media installation of my own making, the diplorasis. In the installation participants unexpectedly encounter three-dimensionalized projections of their selves in ‘real’ time. How is the relationship between the actual self and its digital likeness defined through this encounter? 

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Artist Bio

George Themistokleous is an architect and lecturer in architectural design, history and theory. He has studied architectural design, theory and art history at undergraduate (BA Hons. (dist), University of Toronto) and postgraduate levels (MArch, MA (dist), University of Brighton). The inter-disciplinary scope of his doctoral research operates between media, art and architecture. His practice focuses on the changing relationship between the visual body and space-time through emerging media that probe conventional limits between self and self-image, interior and exterior. The intertwined theoretical and design work is based on custom-made interactive multi-media installations. He is co-editor with T.Stoppani and G. Ponzo of the book This Thing Called Theory (Routledge).

Project Credits

Project by: George Themistokleous
Software Engineering: Savvas Socratous
Hardware Engineering: Savvas Socratous, George Themistokleous
Photographic/video documentation: George Athanasiou, George Themistokleous
Electrical Engineer Consultant: Andreas Laoutas
Actor in video documentation: Christophoros Liverdos
Sponsor: Cultural Services, Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture